Little known Kai fact: I have been a Travelphile since I was a little girl.

My Mother and her sister cousin Joanne (nick-named Gypsy for her proclivity to up-and-leave on a whim back in the day) took us on several journeys during our 1970’s childhood. We have lived in the northern region of California in the Covelo Mountains. We moved to Berkeley California and had adventures in San Fransico eating Crepes at the Magic Pan restaurant, riding the trolleys and going to the Red Wood forest.

We lived on an Indian Reservation right outside of Reno Nevada where I we resided in structures called “Wickiups” and waking up to native sunrise ceremonies. We had family trips Maine and Connecticut on a regular. I traveled to New Hampshire’s White Mountains, Cleveland and Philly to visit relatives. We even drove cross country- 3000 miles stopping in Tennessee, Salt Lake City, New Mexico- All before the age of 12.

I’ve done my share of traveling to say the least. Even with my own household. Family trips to New Jersey, North Carolina, Florida and excursions to New York and Jamaica were powerful moments of Grant-Clan bonding.

So in 2016, when I wanted to go on the trip of a life time for my 25th wedding anniversary, I called Travel Maven Bernice Robinson.

With her expertise and attention to detail, she helped me curate the TRIP OF A LIFE TIME.

And we’ve been traveling the world ever since!

It was our 25th anniversary, so I had been pondering where we should go a year in advance. We considered Europe- I’ve been drawn to Italy for years. (It’s still high on my list!)

But our Intuition led us to the continent of Africa as the final destination. Egypt made sense because we wanted to be in the hub of cultural conception and innovation.

So we spent 21 glorious days in Egypt!

We sailed the Nile. We rode into Nubia on Camels. We entered the belly of the Great Pyramids of Giza. We floated high above the Valley of the Kings and Queens at Sunrise. Rode into Edu on a horse drawn carriage. Yachted on the Mediterranean. Dined on the the Red Sea by Full Moon. Rode four wheelers in the Desert. Smoked Sheesha with the Beduins. Sunbathed on a 5-star resort in Sharm El Sheik. We broke bread with the people. We made connections for Business. We explored the Culture. Identified opportunities to give back.

This trip was TRANSFORMATIVE. It informed our desire to create something much, much greater than ourselves. To think HUGELY and do something that will live 5000 years after we are gone. Egypt is where Black Market was conceived….

The reignited love for travel did not end with Egypt. Just 90 days after, we picked up again traveling to Florida + on a small cruise to the Bahamas. Two days later, we were in Europe’s Paris!

From Paris, we traveled to Senegal, and then incredible Morocco.

Traveling to West Africa had unlocked our ancestral connection!

It was in Dakar, Senegal where Black Market was birthed in name and cooperative spirit. Once again, we found ourselves breaking bread with the indigenous people- making connections for Business- exploring the Culture and identifying opportunities to give back.

Fast forward to 2018. Bernice Robinson VOYAGES BEYOND BORDERS and Black Market are joining forces and launching JET BLACK built upon the four pillars:


Join us as we TRAVEL WITH A PURPOSE to change our lives and lives all around the globe. Come explore places you’ve always wanted to go. Make 2019 your year of the bucket list check off!