The Founders

Owner’s Christopher and Kaidi Grant are Serial Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists, and Diaspora-Centric world travelers presently residing in Roxbury’s Highland Park. They come from a Long line of proud, active, thought-leaders and doers in Boston’s Black Community and carry the legacy of Entrepreneurship, Education, and Art in their blood.

Professed Pan-Africanists, Chris and Kai envision African unification and have vouched to begin with the rebuilding of the black local economy through the establishment of the flagship Black Market in Boston. The duo is ready to continue the legacy of where A Nubian Notion left off in Dudley Square with the launch of Black Market and the much needed focus of cooperative economics.

Black Market’s Commitments

  1. Making sure local entrepreneurs thrive and generate wealth within our community,
  2. Supporting Black Businesses from our Pop-up Markets to consulting and (eventually) e-commerce,
  3. Promoting “Conscious Consumerism”: consciously deciding to support small; local; female-Led; black owned,
  4. Gentrifying our own community (reclaiming our spaces!)
  5. Counteracting displacement by creating pathways of income opportunities
  6. Reigniting the creative economy
  7. Seeing the Black dollar turn-over from the consumer to the supplier

Be a part of the solution! When you shop Black Market, you help:

  • increase the standard living in our community
  • decrease unemployment (We hire our own)
  • support communities across the African Diaspora who create goods
  • an entrepreneur leave their job and support themselves independently
  • rent their own retail space
  • families; parents teach their kids about entrepreneurship
  • sustain a tribe of dreamers, makers, visionaries, creatives, artists

Black Buying Power

Black People have over 1.2 trillion dollars in buying power, but only $0.02 of every dollar goes back into Black-Owned businesses. Black Market has sparked a #BUYITBLACK revolution disrupting the spending habits of thousands of people through out New England and beyond!

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